What is your opinion about a fake marja who says that "Ali is Allah" nauzubillah, and all other people of this type?


The Usool (Principles) and Furoo (Practices) of Shia religion are known to everyone. Shia religion, which is the actual manifestation of Islam, has three Principles of Islam:

1. Tawhid (Monotheism)
2. Nabuwwat (Prophethood)
3. Qiyamat (Day of Judgment)
And there are two Principles of Shia Mazhab specifically:
4. Adal (Justice)
5. Imamat (Imamate)
It is not an issue related to particular individuals, but an issue of aqeedah (Belief) and amal (Practice). Anyone who calls any inferior creature or superior creature as God, or labels any individual as God, is Ghali; he is enemy of Allah, and out of Islam.